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Cyber Security

Assessment and Assurance Services

We provide assurance to our diverse clientele to identify OS and application vulnerabilities right from the installation process, so that we can avoid emergencies and enable protection against existing risks as well as new and emerging threats. Our risk assessment and assurance services include Network, OS and Application Security Architecture, Secure Code Scan including Source Code Review,  Wireless/VOIP Security, OT Security, Data Security and Privacy, Data Security and Data Loss Prevention, System Hardening Management, Patch and Vulnerability Management, Security Threat Modelling, Cyber Threat Risk Management and Security Monitoring Management. Our services address cyber risks and implement cyber resilience strategies to minimize the impact of a cyber-attack.  Our experience includes designing and implementing a comprehensive program aligned with an enterprise risk management framework.

Cloud Security

We provide and deliver cloud security strategy, cloud security architecture design, and cloud security maturity assessment services. To accelerate cloud migration by building a secure cloud foundation with a layer of automation requires a strategic approach to security as part of a minimal viable product setup. Our services are further enhanced by leveraging hyperscale native and third-party security solutions. We undertake proactive management for the improvement of various cloud security controls and associated risks. We run security and vulnerability assessment tests, security process documentation, ongoing or periodic security monitoring and incident management procedure design. 

Cyber Security Incident Response

Cyber security  breaches could result in significant operational, reputational and financial impact to any organisation. It is crucial to have qualified and trusted experts  to provide immediate technical support by assessing and categorizing the kind of threat which can range from malware or ransomware to a targeted hack, or even internal frauds.  Our cyber security incident response team quickly  understands the scope  of the incident, to contain it, and eradicates the issue, to reverse engineer what occurred, preserve evidence, and  provide assurance that the compromise would not reoccur. We provide cyber incident response readiness consultancy, Incident response investigation and proactive threat hunting.

Data Privacy & Protection 

We offer services to ensure privacy and protection of personal data of all the stakeholders by complying with all the necessary data protection  and privacy regulations 

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

We provide consultancy services that  help to manage and minimize risks, to achieve and maintain effective compliance and  provide assurance through security architecture expertise. Our cyber security experts can enhance and complement  by working together with existing  teams  to meet  peak  demands or provide independent third-party assurance. Our services include country data laws compliance, internal audits, third-party audit, ISO 27001 Compliance, PCI DSS Compliance and many more. Our  enterprise  risk management framework minimises  risks by aggressively identifying and addressing potential risks or by strengthening compliance  through  regular  audit  and  control  monitoring  of activities thereby improving  business  resilience. It increases profitability by reducing compliance costs and leakage and only adhering  to compliance requirements.

Identity & Access Services 

Digital identity is the foundation and has become a new security perimeter. We help to accelerate our client’s Digital Trust journey by leveraging​ state of the art Identity and Access Management solutions with  focus on implementing  zero trust architecture and  ensuring  compliance  to  evolving  regulatory  landscape.

Security Architecture

We provide services to  our customers throughout all stages of the  project  life  cycle, additionally ensuring  that  security  designs  and  controls  provide  effective security while  enabling  smooth functioning of the business  processes.  Our  services  include IOT product security architecture services and design review, hardware  and software  product  security  architecture,  application  security  architecture  services  and  design  review  and  network  security  architecture  services  along with  design  review.

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