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Data is growing exponentially, and so has the demand for data-led services. We assist our clients in applying data analytics to customise solutions at an extremely cost-effective rate while generating a higher revenue for them.  We additionally support our clients based across the world to receive an edge over rival businesses in all operational processes ranging from marketing, to customer service, to sales. 

Artificial Intelligence

Our services assist clients in the accomplishment of specific tasks, by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in them. This is done on the basis of deep-learning and natural language processing. We also help to improve the performances of existing analytical technologies, including time series analysis by breaking down economic, language and translation barriers. This enables our clientele to augment existing capabilities, increasing their efficiency as organizations.

Big Data and Data Lake

Apache Hadoop is synonymous with Big Data. Our expertise in Big Data makes it simple for our clientele to deploy Hadoop clusters of all sizes, whether on-premises or via the cloud. Our experience in Hadoop-based data lakes can help clients to complement existing enterprise data warehouses or extend democratisation of data at a cost-effective rate.  

Data Integration

Today’s enterprise applications are quite different than those of the past, as the need and sophistication of data integration (whether on real time or batch basis) has become fundamental for every system/application implementation. We assist our clients in realising the value of their data by providing time-bound, customised solutions. Whether its ETL or ELT, on-premises, hybrid or cloud- we have delivered it all. As part of our AI, Data and Analytics Practice, we have driven some of the most sophisticated data integration requirements in the Asia-Pacific region- ranging from Terabyte to Petabyte-scale replication.  

Data Governance

Data harnessed the right way can be one of the most powerful business drivers for any organization. Due to this, there has been a rise in demand to systematically organise the data of various companies through the enterprise data governance initiatives. With clients having realised the connection of data to money, we enable strategic, operational, and tactical teams to find, understand, and use their data more confidently than ever. We provide customised data governance solution for all companies irrespective of their size or the kind of solutions required by them.

Data Quality

We ensure the quality of data for our clients is of a profession standard, as data quality has become a priority for all organizations. Many companies are ready to invest their time and resources for maintaining the quality and consistency of data. Ranging from fueling data for the ERP, or CRM, to just the data lake, our services enable our clients to profile data for any of these cases. Additionally, our services assist clients in identifying issues such as duplicate data, incorrect data, invalid data, incomplete or inconsistent data, or poorly defined data.


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