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Geospatial Services

Field Force Automation

Geospatial has transformed field force for accurate data capture to enable decision-makers anywhere, anytime, online or offline to make decisions. Our capabilites helps to schedule and dispatch workforce activities effectively. It enables effective coordination of activities between office and field. It provides 360 degree of the field force.

Geospatial Applications 

Our geospatial Centre of Excellence has vast experience in leading many commercial and open-source technologies. Our team includes cartographers, GIS solution architects, GIS consultants, GIS app/web designers, GIS software developer and GIS analysts having experience in both public and commercial sector GIS projects. Our forte lies in the  delivery of customized, spatial analysis and mapping solutions, GIS data visualization & analysis applications, spatial infrastructure assessment, GIS architecture & design assessment, spatial data creation (digitization) and management to name few.

Geospatial Data Services

Understanding spatial data is key in answering questions on where things are, how they relate and how they can be improved. Our GIS team converts data into digital information to enable easy understanding of complex relationships where geographical location matters.

Geocoding and Address Validation

Know where your customers live and work. Take your address data and geocode them into coordinates to discover insights to deliver exceptional business performance.

Spatial Business Intelligence

Spatial Business Intelligence in retail helps to determine best store locations. It helps to forecast profitable stores based on number of factors such as competition presence, customer demographics, supply chains access etc. This service enables our clients to map and analyse customers to make data driven decisions on store location, product assortment ,marketing decisions, optimise field teams efforts and even to identify why customers buy what they buy.

Utility Geospatial Applications

Geospatial applications are imperative for water, electricity and telecom companies to plan, design, manage, operate and monitor all the infrastructure. Our capabilities have enabled a vast array of utility customers to derive benefits from spatially aware applications to deliver exceptional business transformation.

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